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Broncolor Kobold 1600 HMI Kit for Para

$275.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $7,000.00
SKU: SK29581307

Broncolor Kobold 1600 HMI Kit for Para

Incorporating the base components of the modular FT system, the HMI FT1600 Kit from Broncolor includes the 1600W lamp head, a lamp module with a daylight-balanced bulb and counter reflector, a 90-265 VAC ballast unit, a 24.6'-long cable, and a hard-sided transport case to protect the kit components during travel or storage.

The FT System revolves around the ability to pair a continuous light source with Para parabolic reflectors, using dedicated focusing rods for adjusting the light output. The included HMI FT1600 Lamp Head, along with the connected ballast, attaches to the rear of the optional focusing rod while the Lamp Device with bulb and counter reflector attach to the front of the rod. The HMI FT1600 also permits 100-50% dimming control with consistent color, is flicker-free to suit video and high-speed shooting applications, and has a CRI of 95+.

Broncolor HMI FT1600 Lamp Device with Bulb & Counter-Reflector

This 1600W HMI FT1600 Lamp Device with Bulb & Counter-Reflector from Broncolor is designed for use with the HMI FT1600 Lamphead in the FT system. It features a unique design that makes it ideal for focusing using parabolic reflectors.

Broncolor HMI FT1600 Lamphead

Optimized for use with Broncolor's FT lighting system, this HMI FT1600 Lamphead offers 800W or 1600W of output along with a daylight balance and CRI of 95+ for exceptional color fidelity. This unit is dimmable with a compatible ballast and it offers an 11.8" cable and G22 lamp base.

Broncolor Electronic Ballast HMI 800.1600

The Broncolor Electronic Ballast HMI 800.1600 has an LED-display for operational control of High Speed, Optimal and Low Noise modes, mains control and earth conductor monitoring. The flicker-free, hot re-strikable ballast is 85-265 VAC auto-sensing of mains voltage, as well as the HMI lamp in use. It's also dimmable from 50-100%.


  • Power output: 800/1600W
  • Compatible with daylight lamps: HMI 575.800, 1600
  • Dimming: 100-50%
  • Flicker-free operation and thermal protection
  • Auto-sensing 85-265 VAC

Broncolor Lamp Extension Cable for HMI FT1600 (24.6')

This 24.6'-long Lamp Extension Cable from Broncolor extends the distance you can place an HMI light from its ballast. It is compatible with the Broncolor HMI F400, F575.800, F800, F1600, and FT800.1600 lights.

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