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Broncolor Pulso G4 head W/Cvr

Includes a P70 or Umbrella Reflector
$30.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $1,795.00
SKU: BRO120029

Broncolor G4 Pulso - 3200 Watt/Second Focusing Lamphead, 16' Cable. Lamp base with sturdy Noryl housing and grip. Bayonet mount with automatic lock for interchangeable reflectors and various area lamps. Plug-in flash tube with ceramic socket and spring for secure hold. The lamp base can be fitted either with 1600 J or 3200 J flash tubes. Switch and fuse for modeling light. The protecting glass is available in 5500 K or 5900 K as well as "clear" or "mat". Safer protecting glass holder thanks to mechanical lock. Integrated tilting head with locking lever. Umbrella holder. Light angle may be adjusted by a rotary knob fitted at side. Focusing possible within 26 mm range, resulting in illumination angle adjustment from 60 - 90 (P70). Equipped with thermal protection. Cooling fan for long flash sequences. Suitable for mains voltages from 100 to 240 V thanks to the stabilized fan supply. Also usable with battery-powered Mobilite power pack (without modeling light when using on battery). Includes Broncolor Pulso G 3200 WS Lamphead, Protection Cap, Lamp Base Cable 5m, Bag with Replacement Fuse, Safety Bolt for Suspension Mounting and Broncolor Warranty. Vendor Part # 3211607

Flash energy: Max. 3200 J F-stop at 2m distance 100 ISO, reflector P70: 64 2/10 resp. 90 2/10 (with Grafit) Modelling light (fuse value): 650 W halogen (3.15 AF) 230 - 240 V, 300 W halogen (3.15 AF) 100 - 120 V Cooling: Stabilized fan Stand support: For broncolor bolt 12 mm, 3/8" thread and Manfrotto bolt 16 mm Compatibility Power packs: compatible with all broncolor power packs as from 1972 Length of cable: 5 m Dimensions: 130 x 310 x 200 (mm) / 5.11" x 12.20" x 7.87" Weight include cable: 3.145kg / 6.93lb

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