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Broncolor Ringflash 2 to Para 220/170

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Broncolor Ringflash to Para 220/170

The Broncolor Ringflash P for Para 220 Reflector comes standard with ten circularly arranged rugged halogen lamps, each 20W, giving a total 200W of light for precisely simulating the properties of the flash and modeling exactly what the resulting flash will look on your subject. Giving off 3200Ws of flash energy, the Ringflash can be used for long flash sequences due to its built-in high power, yet remarkably quiet fan.

The Ringflash P comes standard with specialty glass and bracket for use with the Para 220 umbrella. The front glass allows light to evenly spill into the Para at a wider angle creating a more uniform circular light. Attached is the specialty bracket which allows the Ringflash to attach to the center column of the para to be focused. This bracket also allows the Ringflash to be tilted in case the photographer wants to direct the light to where it is needed most. The conversion set (glass and bracket, sold separately) allows you to use the Ringflash on camera, as well as a number of different reflectors and honeycomb grids.

You no longer need to rely on a preview (or instant prints) to see the characteristic of the light; reflections and shadows can be orchestrated more deliberately and spontaneously. The continuous light of up to 200W also narrows the pupils and thus largely eliminates the red-eye effect. Moreover, the light intensity is easily sufficient for auto focus cameras to reliably focus without additional light.

Halogen modeling light 200W
Heavy-duty EVE-coated flash tube (3,200 J)
Powerful cooling fan
Suitable for all areas of flash light photography, especially for people and on location
Can be connected worldwide to all main supplies
In combination with Para FB reflector, it offers exact front focusing, which allows various light angels and light characteristics
The UV portion of the flashlight is reduced to a minimum by the integrated filter
Holder for Para 170 / 220 / 330 FB
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