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Cinevate Atlas 200 Slider 60" w/ Outrigger feet

$85.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $1,780.00
SKU: SK12022716

Cinevate Atlas 200 Slider 60" w/ Outrigger feet

The Cinevate Atlas 200 Camera Slider Package is a professional grade linear tracking system that gives you camera movements like a reveal or tracking to add a creative touch to an otherwise ‘flat’ shot. It includes a 100mm bowl, a pair of 60” chromed solid steel rails and standalone supports.

With a single-block aluminum construction and solid steel rails, the Atlas 200 slider offers a stable horizontal movement for cinematic rigs weighing up to 200 lb (90 kg). The rails have a large (1") diameter to ensure smoother glides and comfortable handling of heavier cameras. You can use the slider for both indoor as well as outdoor shots, thanks to its all terrain legs.

When used on the ground for low-angle dolly shots, the micro-adjustable ball feet help you in getting perfectly leveled shots. The slider can also be mounted on to tripods, c-stands, or light stands and used in an elevated position.

The compact slider has a tool-free design that lets you set up/disassemble quickly and conveniently.

Smooth camera movements over a travel distance of 5' (1.52m)
Solid steel rails ensure true camera path even while handling heavy rigs up to 200 lb (90 kg)
100mm bowl for holding larger video heads
Solid aluminum (6061 grade) construction for stability and durability
All terrain legs for indoor and outdoor use
Micro adjustable feet for compensating uneven surfaces
High grip, non-marking balls at the base that prove useful for tabletop shots
Mounts easily on a tripod or a c-stand
Can also be placed on solid surfaces with the standalone support
Built-in brake for the carriage to prevent unintended sliding
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