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Cinevate Axis Jib w/Head

$95.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $2,200.00
SKU: SK16828652

Cinevate Axis Jib w/Head

TheĀ Cinevate Axis JibĀ features a 6 ft single-tube aluminum arm with all mechanical components enclosed inside. The arm provides a 4 ft reach from the fixed tripod mount yoke and a 7 ft vertical arc. It was designed stress-tested for maximum stiffness with 3D modeling software and supports a 50 lb payload.

The tripod mount yoke features a 100mm half-ball, pan and tilt locks, a magnetic dry-erase marker ring on each side, and a variety of accessory mounting threads. The marker rings are removable. The fluid head end features a 100mm bowl and is adjustable to three different positions, including under-slung for low angle shots.

The rear handles are 1" in diameter and support all standard dumbbell weights for counterbalance. Weights are not included. A 2 lb trim weight underneath the handles is slide-adjustable to fine-tune balance, and an integrated bubble level will help measure the adjustments.

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