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Hasselblad H 35-90mm 4-5.6 zoom lens

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Hasselblad H 35-90mm 4-5.6 zoom lens

The HCD 35-90mm zoom lens combines advanced optical design models and the H System’s unique Digital Lens Correction with a new aspheric lens element design to create the highest performing MFD zoom lens on the market today.

The HCD 4,0-5,6/35-90 adds a gorgeous wide angle zoom to the line of HC/HCD Lenses. With its 82 degree angle of view on the wide end and a mild telephoto effect at the top end, it’s as universal as a Swiss army knife. Thanks to its compact size and moderate weight, it’s the perfect outdoor companion to any H Camera.

This compact mid-range zoom lens delivers exceptional results across the frame through its advanced optical design. Covering focal lengths from wide angle to short telephoto, this lens will enable users to handle most photographic situations with ease.


The HCD 4,0-5,6/35-90 mm lens is not compatible with the converter H1.7x, the HTS 1.5 Tilt/Shift adapter or the Macro Converter.

Focal length 36.3 (87) mm

Equivavlent 35mm focal length 1)26.6 (63.8) mm

Minimum distance object to image plane 0.65 m

Maximum image scale 1:13 (1:5.4)

Aperture range 4.0 (5.6) – 32

Angle of view diag/hor/vert 37×49 format 83°/70°/55° (39°/31°/24°)

Length/diameter 167 mm/102,5 mm

Weight 1410 g

Filter diameter 95 mm

Hasselblad H  35-90mm  4-5.6 zoom lens

Hasselblad H Lens Hood

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