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Hasselblad H to CF Lens Adapter

$35.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $1,200.00

Hasselblad H to CF Lens Adapter

The CF Lens Adapter for the H System allows photographers to use all Carl Zeiss C-type lenses from the V System on H Cameras. Integral processors for data conversion bridge the two systems to access a number of the H display and lens-control functions.

Functions such as autofocus and continuous drive are an integral part of the H System only so they are therefore not available when C-type lenses are used. Likewise, as the light measuring and aperture/ shutter controls are also different between the two systems, the camera operation differs too. Some other restrictions also apply regarding specific lenses or combinations of lenses/converters.

The precision-machined CF Lens Adapter only weighs 140 g and fits between the H Body and the Zeiss lens. The automatic focusing system in the H Camera can be used to guide the manual setting of focus through the use of the focus confirmation signal displayed in the viewfinder. Light is measured at full aperture with all lenses, which produces an aperture and shutter speed data display in the camera for the manual setting of the exposure. Owners of CFE version lenses receive an additional benefit as the preset aperture setting is automatically transferred to the camera. Shutter cocking is performed manually with all lenses and is quickly accomplished by an easily accessible lever on the side of the adapter.

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