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Hasselblad H4D (50MP Back) Digital Camera Kit

$350.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $38,000.00
SKU: SK11793770

Featuring a 50 Mpixel 40 x 54mm sensor the Hasselblad H4D-50 sets new industry standards for performance, resolution and quality in medium format DSLR cameras.

The H4D-50 camera system provides unprecedented resolution delivering an ultimate level of image detail, making it ideal for commercial shooters who demand ultimate image resolution or for any extremely discerning photographer who demands both creative flexibility and ultimate image quality.

In addition to the high resolution, the 50 Mpixel sensor provides the foundation for the application of advanced lens performance and optical corrections.

The H4D-50 medium format camera enables photographers to combine the full benefits of professional medium-format digital capture with the ease-of-use found in the best 35mm DSLRs.
Raising the bar on digital photographic quality

The H4D-50 brings all the advantages of a truly integrated DSLR to the large sensor format, enabling all photographic parameters to be optimized and resulting in an unsurpassed level of image quality.

The H4D-50 provides improved controls and functionality, better sensor cooling, a more intuitive user interface, and a bright 3” display with improved viewing angle.

Achieving superior image quality with modern digital photography means finding a way to get the most from camera hardware, advanced optics, massive sensors, processing software, and the computing power of today’s computers.

The H4D’s unprecedented interaction between the various system components combined with increased lens performance and an unprecedented level of image sharpness to outperform any professional digital camera system on the market today, delivering outstanding pixel resolution, better colors, and improved detail rendering.
Never Settle for “Good Enough”

The H4D-50 combines the advanced digital communication and optimization of the best DSLRs with the quality and versatility of the Hasselblad system.

The H4D-50 represents the combination of decades of photographic expertise, a keen understanding of digital photography, and the experience we gained from developing the world's most advanced camera system.

Hasselblad has always been motivated by a true passion for photography.

Our tradition has always been one of innovation, advance, and unflagging dedication to quality. At Hasselblad, we will never settle for “good enough”. So photographers won’t have to do so either.
Electronic Spirit Level

The H4D-50 has an integrated electronic spirit level to make it easy to produce a straight horizon. The spirit level is shown both in the viewfinder and on the rear LCD. You therefore don’t need to take your eye from the viewfinder to check camera alignment.
Camera info on rear LCD

To improve visibility in certain situations, the rear LCD can now show a copy of the camera grip LCD where you see all relevant shooting information.

(2) Batteries


(2) 15' 800-800 Firewire Tether Cables

64gb CF Card

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