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Kobold EWB 200 DC Ballast

$350.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $350.00
SKU: SK9694257

Kobold EWB 200 DC Ballast

TheĀ Kobold BB200/C DC BallastĀ is for the DW200 HMI fixture. When connected to your 26-34 Volt Battery source, it will provide dimmable power to your fixture in areas where AC current is not available.

This replaces the standard 200 ballast.

LED Display

  • Green LED is lit continuously: normal operating mode
  • Green LED is flashing: the battery voltage has dropped to 26V - 22V.
  • Red LED is blinking: the battery voltage has dropped to 22V - 19V
  • Red LED is lit continuously: the unit has stopped operating
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