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Mamiya RZ67 IID Body

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Mamiya RZ67 IID Body

The RZ67 Pro II D offers imaging in its 6 x 7cm format and a revolving back mechanism enabling easy horizontal and vertical composition. Rack and pinion bellows focusing supports close-up to infinity focus with RZ lenses without the need for adapters. Fine focusing adjustment knobs and a locking focus lever are provided.

It is compatible with RZ-series lenses as well as interchangeable viewfinders that provide the flexibility to for clear, bright composition at waist-level or eye-level.

Camera Type6 x 7 cm format, revolving back, bellows focusing, single lens reflex camera
Format6 x 7cm (actual 56 x 69.5 mm) or 6 x 4.5 cm (actual 56 x 41.5 mm). Format is determined by choice of optional film magazines; 6 electrical contacts on body to accommodate digital backs
Film Back/LoadingInterchangeable type
Film Type120 film: 6 x 7 (10 frames), 6 x 4.5 (15 frames). 220 film: 6 x 7 (20 frames), 6 x 4.5 (30 frames). Use of Polaroid 3x4 pack films and 4x5 sheet film is possible with Mamiya's RZ Polaroid backs. Use of Polaroid 3x4 pack and 4x5 sheet films also possible with Polaroid backs available from NPC. Actual Polaroid image size is 72 x 72 mm.
Lens MountBreech-lock bayonet mount with built-in safety lock and gold plated electronic interface pins.
LensesRZ System of 19 interchangeable Leaf Shutter Lenses
ShutterElectronic leaf shutter: 8 to 1/400th seconds B and T Settings Mirror-up Operation AEF Setting Accepts AE Finder
Shutter ReleaseElectromagnetic Release Accepts Standard Mechanical Cable Release, Electronic Release Cable or Infrared Remote Control
Shutter CockingSingle Action 114° Stroke Optional Motor Winder
FocusingRack and Pinion Bellows Focusing Dual Control Rapid/Microfine Focus Knobs Focus Lock 46 mm Built-in Bellows Extension Optional Extension Tubes Focusing Scale Exposure Compensation Scale
ViewfinderFolding Waist Level with Flip-up Magnifier (Standard) Optional AE Matrix Prism Finder Optional Non-metering Prism Finder
Exposure MeteringAE and Manual metering possible (with choice of spot or averaging) with optional AE Prism Viewfinder (meter activated by light pressure on shutter release button). Manual metering only possible with RB67 PD prism finder. RB67 finders fit the RZ67 and standard non-metered RB67 prism finder is also the standard non-metered prism finder for the RZ67.
Field of View99% with Automatic Indicator for Vertical and Horizontal Revolving Back Position
Viewfinder Status IndicatorShutter Cocking Battery Check Digital Back Status
Audible Warning SignalsIncompatible Shutter Dial Setting Low Battery Level Lens Shutter Servicing Required
Focusing ScreenMatte Focusing Screen Type A SA705, Optional Grid-type Screen available
Flash SynchronizationPC socket for electronic flash connection on lens barrel and dedicated hot shoe on camera body side (works with Metz and gives flash ready signal in viewfinder - the RZ67 is NOT a TTL flash capable camera). Flash sync possible at all shutter speeds.
Digital Back User Interface6x7cm Touchscreen user interface for custom file and capture settings
Tripod MountEquipped with a 3/8" tripod socket with a 1/4" bushing installed in it.
PowerRZ body: One 6V Silver Oxide or 6V Alkaline PX28, 4SR44 or 4LR44 (Do Not Use Lithium Batteries.)
Dimensions6.5 x 5.2 x 6.1" (165 x 132 x 155 mm)
Weight4.6 lb (2.1 kg) without batteries

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