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Matthews Doorway Dolly w/ Adjustable Bazooka & Stool

$125.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $4,800.00
SKU: SK13187370

Matthews Doorway Dolly w/ Adjustable Bazooka & Stool

With a payload of 1100 lb, the Quad-4 Doorway Dolly with Bazooka features a wooden platform, a telescopic bazooka with 100mm bowl, four pneumatic wheels, a push/pull bar with a foam handle, and an operator seat.

The wooden platform features removable side boards that add an extra 10" width per side, a non-slip surface, and a recessed camera tie-down. The four pneumatic wheels provide a full range of movement for greater turning flexibility with the capability of maneuvering in a tight, 6' circle. The telescopic push/pull steering bar tilts down 340° and can be locked into place.

The comfortable operator seat can be installed in different positions for achieving different filming angles. The telescopic bazooka has a height adjustment range of 32 to 46" for flexible camera positioning. It features a Euro adapter at the bottom and a riser with a 100mm bowl on top.

All-wheel steering enables the dolly to turn in a tight 6' circle
Wooden platform is fitted with a recessed camera tie-down and has a non-slip, low-maintenance surface
Removable side boards add an extra 10" per side for increased platform width
Push bar can tilt down 340°
Adjustable seat can be mounted in four positions
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