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Phase One V- Grip air

$559.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $559.00
SKU: SK12064463

The full wrap-around design allows a huge range of hand sizes to comfortably hold the camera. The textured material the V-Grip is made of provides a very secure hand feel. The optional strap cradles the hand and allows the user to relax their grip when resting the camera at their side.

Since all the buttons and dials of the XF are customizable (except the shutter release and power button) the user can use the second button and second dial of the V-Grip to whatever function they want, to avoid having to remove either hand from its natural position. For example a studio photographer can use the front dial for aperture and the rear dial to increase/decrease the power of the strobes (since shutter speed in a flash-based studio shoot is usually locked to the 1/1600th sync speed of the XF). In addition the button under the lens is easily accessible to the left hand while holding the camera vertically and can be used for an additional function.

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