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Pocket Wizard Transceiver Plus 3

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PocketWizard Transceiver Plus 3

PocketWizard has an exciting new upgrade for their Plus III with the introduction of the Plus IIIe Tranceiver that features 112 channels and an (E Release) extended maximum wireless range of up to 5 miles!

The Plus IIIe has a total of 112 channels: 32 Quad-Zone E Channels and 80 Long Range Quad-Zone LR channels. Besides eliminating interference this also allows you to trigger flashes in 4 separate (A, B, C, D) zones when doing multiple setups. Auto-Sensing automatically selects the transmitter or receiver mode appropriate to the setup. Auto-Sensing also works in tandem with Auto-Relay mode to allow you to trigger a remote camera along with remote flashes. Two-Stage Triggering technology wakes and focuses your camera when partially depressing the test button, then fires it by fully depressing the button. The original Plus III was known for its long 1600' triggering range but the Plus IIIe's extended wireless rage allows shooting from distances up to 5 miles!

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