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Rosco V - Hazer Machine

Price does not include fluid.
$99.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $1,500.00
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Rosco V - Hazer Machine

Price does not include fluid.

The Rosco V-Hazer is a professional-quality haze machine well suited for special events, clubs, and bars, as well as professional film and television productions. The V-Hazer utilizes internal baffles to maximize airflow in order to generate greater output and thorough dispersion of haze particles, ensuring a haze that spreads consistently and smoothly throughout the venue. To provide a silent performing space, the blower inside the V-Hazer turns off when not in use.

Fan and pump speed are synchronized to the output potentiometer and have been optimized to create an impressive haze effect when controlled via the detachable remote. Independent control of fan speed and pump volume is available via two channels of DMX, allowing the user to dial in their perfect balance of fast haze time and even distribution from their lighting console.

V-Hazer Fluid is available specifically for this machine. This water-based haze fluid achieves maximum hang time and optimal particle size without leaving behind dangerous and damaging residue common to oil- or glycerin-based hazers. The operating temperature, pump pressure, and output nozzle of the V-Hazer have been specifically designed and engineered to aerosolize Rosco V-Hazer Fluid. The Rosco V-Hazer ships with a power cord and detachable remote control with a 10' cable. ***Do not use any fluids in the V-Hazer other than genuine Rosco V-Hazer Fluid, as they have not been tested for optimal performance and safety considerations.


Fog and haze differ in that fog is a thick, opaque effect that lasts a short time, while haze is a thin, translucent effect that lasts a long time. Fog is used as a special effect, whereas haze is used for lighting/atmosphere enhancement.


Whether created by nature or machine, fog consists of liquid droplets suspended in the air. Fog machines create fog by vaporizing fog fluid – that is, they convert the fog fluid from a liquid form to an aerosol form. Most fog machines accomplish this by forcing the fluid at high pressure through a heated pipe.

Bursts of fog are typically used for special effects in live and filmed productions. They’re useful for anything from causing a cigar to “smoke” in a small ashtray, to obscuring a huge battlefield. Fog is a smoke-like effect; however, it’s not smoke, since smoke consists of solid particles rather than liquid droplets. (Also, smoke is usually created by burning, and although fog machines do heat the fog fluid to vaporize it, they don’t burn it.)

Fog can also be made to stay low to the ground, for a “walking on clouds” effect. This is usually accomplished by ducting the fog through a cold chamber to cool it. Typically, fog fluid for creating fast-dissipating fog is used, so that the fog will evaporate before it warms and begins to rise. Some machines make low fog by mixing a cryogenic liquid (such as liquid nitrogen) or solid (such as dry ice) with hot water.


Like fog, haze consists of liquid droplets, but the drops are very fine and are distributed evenly over a large area to form a mist. Some haze machines vaporize fluid by forcing it through a heater, and others vaporize it using high air pressure.

The primary use of haze is to make light beams visible. Since light reflects off the droplets, you will see light travelling through the air that you ordinarily would not see. Haze is also used to create a misty atmosphere.

Wattage900 W
Power Requirements8.2 A at 110 V AC, 60 Hz
OutputContinuous haze at 0.9 liter/hour fluid consumption
ControlOnboard, detachable, timed remote (250-second duration) with 10.0' / 3.3 m cable
Integrated, digital DMX with 5-pin XLR
Input & pass-thru (3-pin XLR)
Optional closed-contact, 0 to 10 V interface
DMX Channels2
Fluid Size4 liters
PerformanceOperating Time: Continuous
Warm-Up Time: 7 to 10 minutes
HousingRugged 12 g steel case
Chip-resistant powder-coated paint
Hard point attachments for hanging brackets
ThermalMaximum Ambient Temperature: 104°F / 40°C
ETL / cETL pending
Listed for use by Actor's Equity
AMPTP Safety Bulletin #10 compliant
RoHS Compliant
Dimensions23.9 x 11.5 x 11.4" / 60.7 x 29.2 x 29.0 cm
Weight32 lb / 14.5 kg

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