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Schneider Apo-Digitar 80/5.6 Macro

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Schneider Apo-Digitar 80/5.6 Macro

The Schneider 80mm f/5.6 Apo Digitar M Lens is a normal view macro specialist lens for large format digital backs, which require smaller but extremely resolved and color correct image circles. No matter how good a conventional-distance lens is, it cannot compete with a macro specialist when shooting at high reproduction ratios. Digital backs also benefit from use of larger apertures to avoid image degradation from diffraction, and this 80mm Apo Digitar M is designed to be used wide open at f/5.6 (but you can stop down to f/8 at 1:1, and to f/11 at distances further than 1:2). This version of the lens is mounted to a conventional Copal #0 shutter.

The 80mm Digitar M is appropriate for use with backs as large as 37x49mm, and upon such backs it records an image area similar to that of a 56mm lens upon a 35mm camera. Because it provides its best images at the maximum aperture along with enough rear flange back to easily clear an internal mirror, it can also be adapted for use with 35mm-size digital SLR cameras as well as 6x6 or 645 format film backs. In doing so, it provides superior image quality versus any dedicated SLR lens, because it was not designed with the engineering limitations presented by an optical path unnecessarily elongated to clear an internal viewfinder mirror.

Focal Length80 mm
Aperturef/5.6 - 32
Covering Power40°
Image Circle80 mm @ f/11
ShutterCopal #0
Shutter Speeds1 / 500 to 1 second B, T
Slip-On Cap SizeFront: 42 mm
Filter ThreadFront: 40.5 mm
Overall Length1.89" (48  mm)
Dimensions (ø x L)1.65 x 1.89" / 41.91 x 48.01 mm
Weight7.94 oz / 225 g

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