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Sinar F2 4X5 View Camera

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Sinar F2 4X5 View Camera

The F2 camera features an enclosed rail clamp on the front standard for greater stability. The front standard also has fine focus capability. The swing and shift locks are separate, and feature a positive locking mechanism for easier operation.

Patented two-point focusing system and angle calculator scale lets you calculate exact swings and tilts in seconds - with no guesswork.
Depth of field scale helps determine the optimum f-stop.
Geared fine focus combined with coarse focusing on front and rear standards.
Yaw-free movements.
TiltsFront Base: 50° forward, 90° backward
Rear Base: 90° forward, 50° backward
SwingsFront and Rear: 50° left and right
Rise & FallFront: 4.4"(112mm)
Rear: 4.4"(112mm)
ShiftsFront: 24mm right, 67mm left
Rear: 21mm right, 61mm left
Camera Back4x5"Vertical/Horizontal quick-change Standard Graflok
Groundglass with 1cm grid, calibration lines for asymmetric movements
Interchangeable BellowsYes
Minimum ExtensionWith standard bellows: 83mm (3.6")
With wide-angle bellows: 60mm (2.2")
With wide angle bellows, recessed lensboard: 30mm (1.2")
Maximum Extension10.5" (265mm) as equipped - 18" (457mm) possible with standard bellows, optional extension rail
12" (30.5cm) Monorail
Lensboard139x139mm Sinar lensboard
Dimensions12.5 x 7.5 x 15" (318 x 198 x 380mm) incl. rail clamp (LWH)
Weight8 lbs (3.6 kg)

Basic kit includes:

(1) 6" ext. rail

(6) 4x5 film holders

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