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Sinar P2 8X10 View Camera

$125.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $8,990.00
SKU: SIN212203

Sinar P2 8X10 View Camera

The p2 is Sinar's top-of-the-line conventional view camera. Each tilt and swing movement is on a carefully chosen asymmetrical axis. This ingenious design permits rapid and reliable alignment of each plane of the camera with exact precision and minimal readjustments. Scales on the front and rear standards indicate every setting. Shifts are achieved to the nearest 0.5mm, swings and tilts to the nearest 1/20 degree. In addition, each movement is micrometer- driven.

Basic kit includes:

(1) 18" ext. rail

(6) 8x10 film holders

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