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Westcott Optical Spot for Profoto - Lindsay Adler

Special Lindsay Adler Small Spot Attachment
$45.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $600.00
SKU: 4760P

Create lighting effects you've always dreamed of. The Optical Spot is a unique lighting tool that allows you to achieve a range of lighting effects that were never possible before. Whether you're aiming for a modern, eye-catching light pattern on your subject or a subtle texture on your background, the Optical Spot will give you what you need.

A Fresh Lighting Approach with Endless Creative Options

  • Includes optical spot, 150mm f/3.5 focusing lens, 8 gobos, gobo holder, gobo storage case, 5 color gels, gel ring clip, light mount, and travel case
  • Creates precise, controlled, and creative lighting in the studio
  • Ideal for selective lighting, dramatic special effects, subtle textures, and creative patterns on any subject, surface, or background
  • Focusable lens projects a sharp-edged circle of light without discoloration or halo effect
  • Adjustable metal leaves (cutters) for projecting precise shapes and slices of light
  • 5 gel filters with gel clip for adding color
  • 8 gobo designs project a focusable image or pattern of light
  • Attaches to any Profoto head
Application: Profoto (Standard)
Beam Angle
Up to 20°
(5) Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow
(8) Sm. Circle, Md. Circle, Lg. Circle, Heart, Star, Traditional Window, Parallel Lines, Barcode
Lens Type
150mm F3.5, Canon EF Mount
Lens Dimensions
3.75" to 6.5" x Ø2.75"/ 9.6 to 16.4 x Ø6.9cm
Max. Lamp Temp.
248°F (120°C)
Max. W/s Strobe
Strobe: 600 W/s; COB LED: 100 W
Leaf Count
4 (Adjustable)
Aluminum, Glass lens
13.00 x 6.50 x 6.50 in.
Item Weight
2.9 lbs.
Product UPC
Care Instructions
• Halogen or tungsten modeling lamps must be removed before use to ensure proper fitment, and to avoid product damage or personal injury due to excessive heat.
• The edges of the Optical Spot leaves are designed to achieve crisp edges. The leaves are very sharp and should be handled with caution.
• Allow Optical Spot to cool after use.
  • 1 × Optical Spot by Lindsay Adler
  • 1 × Optical Spot Lens with Cap (150mm f/3.5)
  • 1 × Optical Spot Lens Case
  • 1 × Optical Spot Gobos (8-Pack)
  • 1 × Optical Spot Gobo Holder
  • 1 × Optical Spot Gobo Storage Case
  • 1 × Optical Spot Gels (5-Pack)
  • 1 × Optical Spot Gel Ring
  • 1 × Optical Spot Travel Case
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