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Zeiss ZF 21mm 2.8 Nikon mount lens

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Zeiss ZF 21mm 2.8 Nikon mount lens Manual Focus

TheĀ Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 ZF Distagon T* LensĀ is a super-wide angle lens designed for high-speed performance and integration with TTL-exposure metering. It has a minimum focusing distance of 8.6" (0.22 m), and thanks to the Carl Zeiss T * anti-reflection coating and its outstanding attenuation of stray light, provides brilliant results under all lighting conditions. It lets you shoot demanding architectural interiors, and is perfect for extreme landscapes, inspiring architecture, and demanding interiors.

The manual focus ZF lenses for F mount are equipped with the AI aperture coupling as well as the pre AI coupling. They do not include CPU coupling. Exposure metering and control is possible with all corresponding camera models. Used with camera models without AI or fork coupling the aperture is closed to the pre-selected value, but metering and automatic aperture control is not possible.

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