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AntonBauer Quad Battery Holder 28/14V

$25.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $699.00
SKU: SK15937879

AntonBauer Quad Battery Holder 28/14V

An accessory for the video/film dual voltage world which uses four of the same type of Logic Series Batteries (the high power HyTRON 140/100 and DIONIC 160/HCX/HC are recommended). The QBH-HD will output both 14.4 and 28.8 Volts simultaneously - bridging the power gap between HD video cameras and film accessories. The 28 volt output can handle HMI lighting as well as most film cameras. QBH-HD is especially valuable in production environments where equipment needs to operate for long periods of time or for extending operating time of equipment at high current loads up to 10 amps. QBH-HD features (3) three 4p XLR outputs @ 14.4 volts and (1) single 2-pin Amphenol output @ 28.8 volts. 10 amp externally replaceable fuse.

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