Conditions of Use

  1. Rental Rates & Conditions of Use

    1. Rental Day: One 24-hour period. Rental Week: Seven consecutive 24-hour periods. (Weekly rental rate is 3 times the daily rate). Rentals that are picked up after 3:00PM can be returned by 10:00AM the morning after the first 24 hours for a 1 day rate. Returns after 10AM are subject to an additional day's charge.
    2. Weekend Rentals: Friday 3:00PM to Monday 10:00AM are charged for one day.
    3.  Equipment: All equipment is examined and tested prior to and directly after each rental. Foto Care has examined and tested the equipment rented, and has found the same to be in perfect operational condition. Any problems with the equipment must be reported immediately to Foto Care to be considered for adjustment.
    4. Liability: The equipment rented shall be delivered and returned by the renter at his own risk and expense.
    5. Credit: Credit accounts may be established if required. It takes ten days to clear applications if they are approved by accounting our department.
    6. Payment: Invoices are net 30 days from invoice date. Accounts over 30 days are subject to finance charges at prevailing rates.
    7. Billing: Minimum open account billing per rental is $50.00.Lesser amounts on a cash basis.
    8. Returned Checks: There will be a minimum fee of $35.00 for any check that is returned from the bank.
    9. Return of Equipment: The acceptance of rental equipment upon return is not a waiver by Foto Care of any claims for latent or patent damage to the equipment.
    10. Loss: The renter agrees to assume full responsibility for all rented equipment, and also agrees to compensate the owner to the full replacement value should said equipment be lost, stolen or missing.
    11. Insurance: The customer is responsible for loss or damage due to negligence, theft, improper installation and/or operation of all rented equipment. Customers are urged for their own protection to promptly insure equipment and supplies against theft and damage through every phase of the rental in which such equipment and supplies are to be used, from the time it leaves Foto Care or its agents for the duration of the rental.
    12. Spare Bulbs: Tungsten units have spare lamps. Spare modeling lamps will be provided for strobe heads upon request. A charge will be incurred for missing, or broken lamps and filaments. Burned lamps must be returned.
    13. Air Freight: Minimum billing is one week when equipment is shipped by Foto Care. We are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier. Air handling is very hard on electronic equipment, glass, etc. and is out of our control. In the event of malfunctioning equipment or damage, the rentee is responsible for all rental charges and replacement costs.
    14. Deposits: A deposit for the full replacement cost of the equipment is required unless other arrangements are made in advance.
    15. Cancellations: Please call to cancel a reservation. Cancellation of confirmed rentals are subject to a cancellation fee if less than 24 hours in advance.
    16. Purchase of Equipment: Rental gear is not for sale. However, If you would like to purchase an item that you have rented, 50% of the rental fee of the item may be applied - within 30 days - to the purchase of a new item.
    17. Prices subject to change.
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