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Broncolor Flooter "S" 13" Fresnel

$40.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $1,825.00
SKU: BRO123035

Broncolor Flooter, Specialty Reflector with Fresnel Lens for Spot Light Effect. This light shaper is equipped with a Fresnel lens and produces a light with spot character. Optimized for operation with the lampheads Pulso G, Unilite and Pulso 8. It can also be equipped with the daylight lamp base broncolor HMI F575.800 (with special reflector). Mounting of the lamphead can be carried out by using a lockable(verriegelbarer) Pulso bayonet mount. The powerful light of the Fresnel lens with a diameter of 340 mm ensures a high light yield. Due to the large control range of the broncolor power packs, the light output can, in addition, be greatly reduced. broncolor Flooter is equipped with a precise focusing device. The light angle is adjusted with a crank handle in the range of 15 to 80, depending on the lamp base used. To limit the light angle further and to alter the light distribution, a honeycomb grid may be used. This grid is held in front of the Fresnel lens by a removable sheet steel frame. This frame is fitted with fixing devices for a color filter and disposes of a fixing bracket (U-bracket) with stop lever and a stand adapter for bolts of 12 mm and 16 mm. Vendor Part # B3243100

Compatibility: Lampheads Pulso G, Unilite. Angle Range: 15 to 80 degrees

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