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Chimera Beauty Dish 22" (Octa 2)

Lighting fixture not included
$25.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $299.00
SKU: SK14205245

Chimera Beauty Dish 22" (Octa 2)

Say goodbye to those large, cumbersome heavy metal beauty dishes, and hello to a new more transport-friendly alternative. On location or in the studio, Chimera Octa Beauty collapsible beauty dishes give you a signature light modifier, with all the great features of Chimera Lightbanks.

The Chimera Octa Beauty creates stunning light - the kind of gorgeous light you want for those commercial beauty headshots and portraits. Our Center Bounce Disc reflects the “raw” light from the source into a soft white interior. The Octa Beauty converts to a regular OctaPlus light bank with the included front diffusion screen, and works with standard speed rings

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