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Fuji G-617 Camera

$45.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $3,214.00

Fuji G-617 Camera

A true panoramic camera that captures photographs with 3:1 aspect ratios measuring 2.25” x 6.5" (6 x 17 cm) onto 120 or 220 film. 120 film yields 4 exposure while 220 produces 8 exposures (Note: 220 film has been universally discontinued). The camera features an EBC Fujinon SW 105mm f/8 lens (25.8mm equivalent lens on a 35mm camera stretched to a wider 3:1 aspect ratio) with a 77mm filter thread. The shutter is manually cocked, and is located within the lens. It has speeds from 1s to 1/500 of a sec. plus a bulb mode. The lens has a sync connector to attach to a flash. Electronic flash sync is available at all shutter speeds, M bulbs can be used for speeds of 1/30 of a sec.

The G617 is fully mechanical and fully manual. The camera does not have a built-in light meter. Pictures are composed using the camera’s fixed optical finder, which isn’t coupled to the camera’s manual focus lens. This means you must estimate your camera-to-subject distance as well as your exposure.

The film transport uses a four stroke film advance lever. There are two shutter releases on the camera; one on the front of the body and one on top of the film advance lever. There are two accessory shoes, as well as a spirit level on top of the lens protector. The camera has strap connectors on either side of the lens protector. Depending on how the strap is attached, the camera can be carried either horizontally or vertically.

*The G617 is extremely challenging to use. We strongly recommend reading through an instruction booklet online (only 13 pages!) and perhaps even some hands-on reviews before using this camera for the first time.

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