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Nanlite Forza Projector Attachment w/19° lens for 200/300/500/720

Includes 19° lens
$65.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $1,200.00
SKU: PJ-BMoptSpot

Nanlite Forza Projector Attachment w/19° lens for 200/300/500/720

There are many ways to push yourself creatively in lighting — but when you
add a projection attachment to your kit the creative options increase exponentially.
That’s why we’re excited to announce the Nanlite PJ-BM Bowens Mount
Projection Attachment. Its nearly universal mount is compatible with a vast
number of lights. When used with a Nanlite Forza the output is double of what
you get with our FL-20G fresnel, and the versatile light-shaping abilities you
gain for creating shapes, patterns, and shafts of light are unmatched. A flight
case, B-size gobo, and gel frame are all included, and it’s available with a 19°
or 36° lens. The lenses are available separately, as is an adjustable iris insert
and two B-size gobo 10-packs.

Vast Compatibility, Ultimate Creativity
The Nanlite PJ-BM takes full advantage of the vast compatibility provided
by the Bowens mount. It can be used with an enormous number of lights
from other manufacturers, as well as the Forza 200, 300, 300B, 500, and the
FS-150, FS-200, and FS-300. It adds an exciting array of creative light-shaping
tools such as internal shutters, a focusable lens, gel inserts, gobos, and a
separately available adjustable iris.

Accurate and Precise Optics
The designers at Nanlite worked hard to ensure that the light quality emitted
by the PJ-BM Projection Attachment is accurate and precise. Non-curved
lenses are utilized to eliminate aberration and minimize distortion, while optical
coating improves transmittance and color temperature accuracy.

Durably Built and Ready to Fly
In production you want equipment that’s lightweight yet built tough, which is why the
Nanlite PJ-BM is constructed with an aluminum body. A flight case is included for the ultimate
in protection when in transit, and it has space for all the included accessories: the
gel frame, gobo frame, gobo and more.

A Full Suite of Accessories from the Start
The 19° lens provides brighter output, while the 36° lens is more versatile in smaller
spaces. Thankfully you don’t need to choose between them because both lenses are available
separately. The Nanlite PJ-BM-AI Adjustable Iris and two sets of Gobo 10-packs are
also available at launch, making this a fully realized system. Gobo Set 1 has multiple windows
and useful linear array and breakup patterns. Gobo Set 2 has water, trees, foliage,
flames, fireworks and graphical patterns.

Works with:

Forza 200, 300, 500 and 720

Nanlite Projection Attachment 

Nanlite 19 Degree Lens

Nanlite Adjustable Diaphragm 


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