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Phase One IQ3 100 Digital Back XF mt. (100MP)

$595.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $43,999.00
SKU: SK30496333

The Phase One IQ3 100MP Digital Back is a full frame medium format digital back equipped with the largest CMOS imaging sensor on the market, exclusive to Phase One. The IQ3 100mp can capture images up to 100 megapixels with long exposure capabilities up to 60 minutes.


60 minute exposures -
 With the new and exclusive Phase One 100 megapixel imaging sensor, the IQ3 Digital Backs can deliver extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes across 50MP, 60MP, 80MP and 100MP configurations.

Sensor+ - With the patented Phase One Sensor+ technology in the IQ3 Digital Backs, you can easily switch from high-resolution and low ISO captures to lower resolution and higher ISO captures, without degrading the pixel level quality of the image.

Dynamic range - The extreme dynamic range of the IQ3 Digital Back range (up to 15 f-stops in the case of the IQ3 100MP) enables you to capture every scene no matter what the lighting conditions. Bring back virtually every detail, even if you didn't get the exposure perfect at capture.

Perfect color - The IQ3 Digital Backs are built to ensure you capture images with smooth and subtle transitions, reproducing the scene as perfect as possible. IQ3 Digital Backs make this possible by capturing images with up to 16-bit colour depth per channel.

100 megapixel captures - IQ3 resolution of 100MP not only delivers incredible detail, but also provides creative flexibility, accommodating virtually any application requirement, be it print or digital.

Temperature graph tool - To ensure the best quality of long-exposure imaging it is important to operate the digital capture device at a relatively constant temperature. When turning on an IQ Digital Back the power consumption will lead to a temperature increase that stabilizes in time.

Virtual Horizon - The IQ3 digital backs have an embedded accelerometer that helps you align images at the moment of capture. You're presented with a virtual horizon that gives you a precise visual indication of the roll and pitch of the image you're about to capture.

High resolution touch display - All IQ3 Digital Backs feature a 3.2 inch display designed to work equally well indoors as outdoors. Images can easily be validated from most angles, thanks to its viewing angle of 170 degrees. The display delivers great color rendition that can reproduce tonal gradations of up to 16 million different shades.

Tap, pan and browse - The touch screen lets you tap to zoom, pan and browse through images fast and it is easy to navigate between different menus and features. The IQ3 Digital Backs are designed with contextual controls that appear only when needed.

Compose & Control - In the range of IQ3 Digital Backs, Wi-Fi is built-in allowing you to connect an iPad or iPhone wirelessly and use Capture Pilot for Live View, exposure control, shutter release and instantly check focus or compose on a larger screen.

GPS - GPS information is logged through Capture Pilot when your iPhone or iPad is wirelessly connected to an IQ3 Digital Back and automatically embedded into your IQ RAW files. A great feature for reviewing where images were captured which can be useful for location scouting purposes.

Wireless built-in - You don't have to buy extra accessories or mount more gadgets on your camera. Wireless communication is an integrated part of the IQ3 Digital Back range.

Dynamic Range15 f-stops
ISO Sensitivity50-12800
Sensitivity - Long Exp.50-12800
Lens Factor1x
Sensor TypeCMOS
Long Exposure60 minutes
Pixel Size (Micron)4.6 x 4.6
Output Image Dim. 300 DPI98.3 x 73.2 cm
Output Image Dim. 600 DPI49.1 x 36.9 cm
LCD Screen Size3.2"
LCD Monitor TypeLCD Touchscreen
Sensor Size53.7 x 40.4
Color Depth16 bit-Opticolor

(4) Batteries 


(2) USB3b to USB3a Tether Cable

64gb CF Card

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