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Sekonic ZOOM L-558 Meter

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Replacement Value: $650.00

Sekonic ZOOM L-558 Meter

The DUALMASTER L-558/L-558CINE is the latest addition to the extensive line of Sekonic Exposure Meters, which have been market leaders for over 50 years.The DUALMASTER was designed to offer more of what today's photographer needs, and less of what they don't. It offers flash and ambient exposure metering in both spot and incident modes. The DUALMASTER is the first multi-function meter to offer a 1-degree (nine element camera-quality) spot that measures reflected flash output as low as f/2.0. Along with its many unique features, the L- 558 is also capable of wireless flash triggering with an optional radio module.Utilizing rubber seals throughout the housing and controls of the meter, the DualMaster is water and moisture resistant. Although the meter can be used in rainy or wet conditions, it should not be used underwater.The large LCD panel makes reading the data easy and convenient; the panel illuminates automatically in low light surroundings.In order to retain the simple stylish look of the DUALMASTER, less frequently used functions and controls are confined to custom software settings.The DUALMASTER L-558 and L-558CINE is loaded with many features and control options. Since each of these features has a detailed explanation, this instruction booklet is extensive. We recommend that you read the manual to familiarize yourself with the potential of the meter. Once you have established which features and functions are important to you, refer to these sections only.The DUALMASTER has undergone extensive quality control at every step of manufacture. Please read this instruction manual thoroughly, to be able to take advantage of its many features and to obtain the long service life that it was designed to offer you

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