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Toyo Field 4X5 45AX View Camera

$35.00 per 1 day(s)
Replacement Value: $2,000.00

Toyo 4X5 45AX Field Camera

A compact 4 x 5" large format view camera for working in a variety of locations, the Toyo-View 45AX is a field camera offering a broad range of camera movements, support for working with a broad array of lens types, and compatibility with optional accessories to expand its basic functions. In its base configuration, it has a double-extension bed that affords a 12.6" / 321mm total extension to support working with long focal length lenses up to 360mm, and its drop-bed design also facilitates working with super-wide lenses down to 47mm. Full front movements are also available, as well as rear swing and rear base tilt, and both focusing and camera movements are performed on Teflon and polymer-coated rails for a smooth action during use. Additionally, the all-metal control knobs are rubber-coated for a firm grip in a variety of working conditions.

The camera back has a reversible design for quick switching between horizontal and vertical shooting orientations, and it is also Graflok style to support the use of a wide variety of film holders. The included groundglass is acid-etched with a centimeter-spaced grid, as well as 6 x 7 and 6 x 9 markings, and a Super-Brite Fresnel is also included for even brightness when viewing.

Camera Type4 x 5" field view camera designed for film use
Bellows ExtensionMinimum: 2.8" / 70 mm with flat lensboard; 1.8" / 45 mm with optional recessed lensboard
Maximum: 12.6" / 321 mm with flat lensboard; 16.6" / 421 mm with optional 100 mm Extension Back
Focus TypeGeared rack and pinion style
Dimensions4.2 x 7.4 x 8.2" / 106.7 x 188.0 x 208.3 mm (folded)
Weight5.8 lb / 2.6 kg

Includes (6) 4x5 film holders

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